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Time Tracking

Monitor productivity effortlessly. Capture and analyze time spent on tasks, projects, or activities for informed insights and efficient resource management within your organization's workflows.


Built-in time-tracking functionality for optimal resource management

With built-in time-tracking capabilities, users can easily monitor and analyze the time spent on different tasks, projects, or activities directly within the ERP system.


Key Benefits

  • Track time according to time range: Stay on top of things as PiERP ERP’s time-tracking functionality makes time capturing a breeze. With sleek and efficient timesheets users can track time as per duration or a specific time range. Streamline your time tracking within PiERP ERP's user-friendly interface, making productivity tracking a breeze.
  • Compatible with various devices: Owing to exceptional compatibility with a wide array of devices such as desktop, mobile, and laptop; users can log time from their desktop, mobile, or tablet devices. Seamlessly associate tracked time with respective tasks within the PiERP ERP. Enjoy the flexibility of recording time on the go and linking it directly to your ongoing activities.
  • Log by selecting the day and duration:Logging time couldn’t get easier than this. Simply select a date and key in values such as hours and minutes. What’s more? There are shortcut keys that make time-logging a straightforward process. Quick, hassle-free, and simple!
  • Round-off time in 15-min increments: PiERP’s time-tracking allows you to round time into 15-minute increments. All you need to do is pick the start time and end time from the dropdown provided and that’s it! You are good to go- the system automatically does the calculation legwork.

Key Benefits

  • Focus on your tasks: PiERP ERP’s time-tracking feature makes the entire process a cakewalk. Users can start the timer as their day starts and stop it once they are done. They can add notes and adjust the time tracked in case it is needed.
  • Detailed time analytics: View the time entries with customizable filters for tailored reports- as you want to see them. From grouping entries to viewing estimates, and distinguishing between billable and non-billable, PiERP ERP empowers you to dissect data, offering detailed insights that give you a clear overview.
  • Calculate chargeability rates: PiERP is a highly flexible tool that allows users to sync time even if you are already using their own time-tracking tool. PiERP ERP seamlessly integrates and allows you to calculate chargeability rates and track project hours.
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How time-tracking makes a difference?

Effective time tracking boosts productivity, streamlines workflows, provides insights for better resource allocation & improves project management efficiency, ultimately resulting in business success.

Time-tracking customizability

Users can record time as per increments of their choice or by specifying a time range of duration.

Track hours by task or feature

Whether you need to calculate time as per feature, task or sprint, PiERP’s time-tracking makes it all look easy.

Useful for all industries

From software to home service businesses and law firms, PiERP time-tracking feature is just about for every industry.

Operational Mechanism

How it Works?

PiERP ERP's time tracking feature simplifies recording, analyzing, and managing time spent on tasks and projects efficiently.

  • Short-cut keys to make logging easy

    Users can log time simply by selecting a day and keying in hour and minute values. Leverage short-cut keys to make keying in time values in a hassle-free manner.

  • Easy Zapier syncing

    PiERP enables easy Zapier time-syncing if you are already using time-tracking tools of your own. No more disconnects or discrepancies. With easy synchronization, you can bid adieu to time-tracking issues.

  • Useful for managers and supervisors

    Highly useful for managers and supervisors in various industries, PiERP ERP’s time-tracking is perfect for calculating billable and non-billable entries with sheer ease.

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