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My Work Place

Personalized workspace. Tailor your interface with personalized settings and tools, enhancing efficiency and providing a focused environment for improved productivity within your ERP system.


Personalized digital Workplace for unparalleled output

With an array of personalized settings, tools, and a user-friendly interface, PiERP’s My Workplace is all you need for a conducive and focused environment.


Key Benefits

  • Easy task viewing & management: Gone are the days when you had to juggle between tons of projects and processes to locate the task assigned to you. My Workplace cuts the chase as it brings it all in one place. From recently assigned tasks to tasks assigned earlier, upcoming, and even those that are overdue.
  • Creation of personal tasks:Right within My Workplace, you can create personal tasks. Besides, you can view all details in one place- from finished to ongoing tasks, and much more. Simply tick off the ones you are done with. Whether it is about leaves, training status and other details, or bill reimbursements, it is all easy with My Workplace.
  • View by status, priority, date, or solution: My Workplace displays or sorts tasks by due date by default; however, users retain full control over how they want to tailor the view- based on solution, status, or priority. Shape your Workplace your way! How does that sound?

Key Benefits

  • Manage workloads with customization: PiERP allows you to assign the work in multiple ways- from comments to checklists, and records; you can simply assign tasks in any form. Thanks to the immense customization potential My Workplace demonstrates, you can approach assigning tasks your way.
  • Make overdue assignments stand out: Who likes tasks lingering on since forever? Noone and that’s where PiERP comes to your rescue. See the overdue assignments right at the page’s summit and get the monkey off the back as soon as possible.
  • Single-click for the detailed view: Not fully understanding the context of an assigned task can be frustrating, but not when PiERP’s My Workplace is at your disposal. It allows you to expand the detailed view in a single click.

How My Workplace makes a difference?

From exceptional task-viewing experience to managing workloads, My Workplace makes it all look so straightforward.

Customizable Workplace

Tailor your digital environment to suit your specific requirements with utmost flexibility.

Leave, training & reimbursements

Now efficiently manage leave approvals, training details, and bill details including reimbursements.

Useful for every department

It is useful for every department across the organization including, HR, accounts, transport, sales, training, & operations.

Operational Mechanism

How it Works

Assign tasks with ease with a tailored Workplace & analyze Workplace data for seamless collaboration- everything here works your way!

  • Task organization made simple

    PiERP’s My Workplace allows users to customize views and prioritize assignments in a hassle-free way. Quickly identify overdue tasks and access detailed information with utmost ease using a single click. Experience unprecedented coordination and smooth operations with PiERP.

  • Transparency & accountability

    Stay updated on task progress with PiERP's My Workplace. Track the status of tasks from inception to completion. It helps ensure transparency and accountability in your workflow for efficient project management and timely deliverables.

  • All data in one place

    PiERP’s My Workplace boasts unified data management which allows users to access the entire data in one place. This streamlines information access and improves collaboration and decision-making. In other words, it improves the overall work efficiency.

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