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Member Directory

Streamline employee information. Access a centralized directory for quick employee details, fostering better collaboration, and efficient communication within your organization.


Your Employee Hub for Ease of Coordination

Easily find employee details for better teamwork and communication in your company using our centralized member directory feature.


Key Benefits

  • Take icebreaking to another level: Member directory feature allows members to have complete control over their profiles. From creating their work profiles to adding images, and interests; they can do plenty with their profile. What’s more? It becomes easier for them to break the ice with other team members working onsite or remotely.
  • View mini-profile on hover: Hover over the profile of team members to view basic information and online status instantly. With one click, expand to see the entire profile, facilitating quick access to comprehensive details for seamless collaboration.
  • Find the right resource for the job: No more rummaging through old-school RFPs or resumes to find who is the right resource for the task at hand. Team members can add their skills and expertise which makes it easy for departments, managers, and colleagues to find them through their skillset.
  • See which team member is online: Quickly identify online team members and coordinate with them in real time. Since PiERP’s member directory displays the local time as well, it becomes handy to make coordination easy and efficient when you have a geographically distributed workforce.

Key Benefits

  • Search profiles by attributes: You can find team members by specific attributes such as department, title, role, and skills to name a few. Besides, PiERP's intuitive search functionality streamlines the process, making sure you locate the right talent in a jiffy without wasting time and energy.
  • Filter & view: Navigate through your organization's directory with PiERP's advanced filtering options. Filter by department, role, time zone, team, or status, and utilize prebuilt views for quick access. Streamline your search process and find the right team members for the relevant task with ease.
  • Save profiles to contacts list: Download team profiles with a single click and save them directly to your phone's contacts. Keep important contacts readily accessible for smooth communication and coordination on the go saving you plenty of time.
  • Wish them on special days: Never miss a special day ever again. With PiERP, you can easily send heartfelt wishes to team members on their birthdays, work anniversaries, and other important life occasions. Strengthen connections and foster a positive work culture.

How member directory makes a difference?

Promote employee engagement, resource allocation, and coordination across different time zones

Profile Control

Gain comprehensive profile control, from personalizing profiles to quick-hover mini profiles. Also icebreaking is a breeze with this feature.

Resource discovery

Leverage resource discovery by showcasing team skills & expertise. Quickly identify online members for real-time coordination with local time visibility.

Smart filtering options

Locate the right talent with smart attribute search and advanced filtering options. Find team members with specific attributes as per project needs.

Operational mechanism

How it works

A quick glance at the operational mechanism of the member directory where seamless coordination thrives, driving productivity and fostering teamwork.

  • Navigate Your Team Ecosystem

    It is time to dive into PiERP's intuitive member directory, designed to navigate your team ecosystem effortlessly. Discover how our innovative features streamline coordination, empowering teams to achieve their goals with ease and efficiency.

  • Efficient Task Management and Delegation

    Thanks to the advanced member directory tools that simplify workflow management. Users can easily delegate tasks and track progress. From finding the right resource to finding out availability status and assigning responsibilities, you can do plenty.

  • Easy Interaction and Networking

    Facilitating instant interaction and networking among team members, the member directory helps you with centralized profiles and real-time messaging. It also helps team members have stronger connections and easy coordination.

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