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Dynamic Fields

Customize data inputs effortlessly. Adapt and configure dynamic fields to capture specific information, ensuring flexibility and precision in your system's data management and analysis.


40+ dynamic fields for added versatility

Empower users to tailor data inputs with over 40 field types that suit the needs of any data type.


Key Benefits

  • Spoilt for choice: With the flexibility of adding, modifying, and customizing just about any field, PiERP leaves you spoilt for choices. It is pretty simple to start with the field of your preference as per your needs.
  • All basic fields: With PiERP you can rest assured as it encapsulates all the commonly used field types, essential for your day to day tasks. Begin by incorporating basic fields like text, date, number, single and multiple select lists, files, images, and beyond.
  • Collaboration-ready fields: PiERP keeps your collaboration ready at all times. It boasts a myriad of interactive field types such as rating, vote, tag, and social network fields. You couldn’t ask for more. Could you?
  • Designed for project management: Owing to tons of management-specific field types, including due date, status, percent complete, and time tracking, streamline your workflow. Efficiently manage deliverables and keep the team informed every step of the way.

Key Benefits

  • Simplified Data Validation: With dynamic fields, you can easily automate the data validation process. Furthermore. You can ensure that inputs meet the criteria specified by you. On one hand, this simplifies the validation process for users, and on the other reduces the need for manual checks, ensuring data accuracy across the system.
  • Include signature & formula: With PiERP’s dynamic fields you can do much more. Even add signature, formula, auto number, and sub-items without any fuss. In other words, when it comes to the field types, you name it- we have it!
  • Seamless Integration Capabilities: Dynamic fields are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP modules and 3rd party applications. With such exceptional integration capability, you can ensure smooth data flow across different systems, enhancing interoperability & maximizing the value of the ERP investment.
  • Scalability for Future: With exceptional scalability, you can accommodate future data needs as your business grows and evolves. Users can easily add or modify fields to capture new types of information. This also makes the ERP system remain adaptable and responsive to changing business needs or dynamics.

How Dynamic Fields Make a Difference?

Enable tailored data capture, enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and insight generation. With PiERP’s dynamic fields, you don’t just work- you work smarter and faster!

Create connections by solutions

The exceptional synergy between all your workflows ensures data-sharing minus duplication.

Adaptability to changing needs

Flexibility to modify data structures and workflows without requiring extensive customization or reconfiguration of the ERP system.

Efficient data migration & integration

Dynamic fields allow data migration & integration processes by enabling organizations to map & align data fields between various systems.

Operational Mechanism

How it Works?

Optimize ERP functionality by leveraging dynamic fields that easily adjust to user-defined configurations allowing for bespoke data input.

  • Your project- your way!

    Who said you cannot build your projects, you way? PiERP puts you in the driver’s seat with full-customization possibilities. Yes, you read it right! 100% customization- from selecting fields to applying filters, sorts, and linking related data records- you can do it all!

  • Data accuracy

    By customizing data entry forms with dynamic fields, organizations can ensure that users capture only accurate, relevant, and up-to-date information. Reduce data entry errors, inconsistencies, and undesired redundancies, resulting in higher data quality and integrity within the ERP system.

  • The gamut runs infinite!

    From adding date & time with your formatting taste to adding a number slider, adding hyperlinks to any site, adding links to multiple social networks, time tracking, and displaying record count linked to the current record, and it is still not over!

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