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Organize key information. Save and access important data swiftly with bookmarks, ensuring quick navigation and easy retrieval of essential information within your ERP system.


Easy bookmarking for easy access

Bookmarking allows you to quickly pin and bookmark pages, solutions, reports, and much more for enhanced accessibility


Key Benefits

  • Effortless Access: Simplify your life @ work by effortlessly creating shortcuts to vital work elements such as calendars, meetings, and reports. With a single click, access a diverse array of items including roadmaps, solutions, and important documents. By centralizing access to essential resources, this feature enables users to navigate through various tasks, saving valuable time and effort in the process.
  • Priority Pinning: Elevate your most crucial items to the forefront of your workspace with the pin to the top feature. Whether it's a beloved design prototype, an essential meeting agenda, or the most important project timeline, this functionality allows users to pin top favorites to the top of their list. With quick and easy retrieval of key assets, this feature enables users to stay focused on their priorities, ultimately enhancing overall productivity and effectiveness.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced Searchability: Seamlessly locate and retrieve important items with the intuitive search functionality. Whether searching by record name, report title, or solution keyword, this feature provides users with a powerful tool to quickly find the information they need. By offering robust search capabilities, this functionality streamlines the retrieval process, saving users time and effort while ensuring that they can access critical resources with ease.
  • Dynamic Sorting: Take full control of your organizational structure with the dynamic sorting capability. You can easily shift starred items up or down based on your preferences. Whether prioritizing by solution urgency, work priority, or personal preference, this feature empowers users to tailor their organization system to suit their specific needs and workflow These flexible sorting options are adaptable and make your workspace more organized.

How bookmarking makes a difference?

Call it a digital travel device if you want because it makes your browser tabs breathe a sigh of relief. And guess what, no more facing the agony of losing a webpage, event, or status.

2Easy personalization

Customize your experience effortlessly with easy personalization options.

Navigation through tasks

Navigate tasks swiftly with intuitive features for quick access to bookmarked resources.


Easily find what you need quickly with improved searchability, simplifying the retrieval of bookmarked items.

Operational Mechanism

How it works?

Click and zap! PiERP's bookmarking feature keeps it that simple. Say goodbye to clutter.

  • Universal utility

    It is a universal utility making bookmarking a breeze for everyone, from individuals to managers and HR folks. It helps you save and find important stuff easily. Whether it's your personal to-do list or new hires, it is all sorted minus any fuss.

  • Instant bookmarking

    Save with a Click! Effortlessly bookmark pages, reports, and more in just one click. Now eliminate complexities from your workflow and access your favorites instantly. Truth be told- It's like having a personal assistant without the attitude!

  • Favorites stay on top

    No more digging- keep your gems at the top and give them top shelf treatment, so that you don’t have to go hunting for them all over the digital landscape when you need them right there in jiffy- without any fuss,

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