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Map View

View data geographically and utilize map views to analyze location-based information, fostering informed decisions and enhanced understanding of geographic data within your ERP system.


Highly interactive map view with cutting-edge features

Map your location data with ultra-advanced digital visualization tools exceptionally useful for teams in the field.


Key Benefits

  • Navigate to any location: Digital visualization tools are indispensable to contemporary businesses and that’s exactly what Pierp’s map view offers. With a whole array of ultra-modern digital assets at their disposal, teams working in the field- no matter what the industry is, can efficiently track and manage resources, & optimize routes.
  • Automatically recognize address fields & map records geographically: Simplify your data management process with our cutting-edge map view feature, which seamlessly detects address fields and maps records geographically. Besides, enhances your workflow efficiency and renders valuable insights. This data empowers your enterprise to optimize operations with astonishing ease.
  • Display pin & preview of the address: Effortlessly view address pins and previews with Pierp’s intuitive map view interface. That’s not it! With just one click, users can expand to view the complete record in context, providing a thorough understanding of each location.
  • Simplified directions & navigation with one-click: Pull up driving directions instantly with a single click. Our user-friendly interface allows you to retrieve route guidance for hassle-free navigation. Save time and effort with our intuitive solution, designed to enhance convenience and productivity to the highest level. In a nutshell.

Key Benefits

  • Color code and resize location markers: Segment your data by setting colors and resizing location markers as per your preferences. Easy segmentation and information visualization facilitate clarity and improve data interpretation. Besides, you can harness map view’s intuitive features that allow you to organize location data.
  • Customizable map elements: Take control of your data as Pierp’s map view allows you to personalize your map with tons of customizable elements. This grants you the flexibility to choose the desired level of detail for precise data visualization as per your specifications. As a result, you achieve accuracy & clarity at the highest level.
  • Add unlimited addresses: No more cap on adding addresses. Add an unlimited number of addresses and expand your database. Courtesy- Our user-friendly platform, users can input and manage an extensive array of locations.
  • Apply a radius to address data: Applying a radius to the address data for easy visualization of distances. You can visualize distances from locations in a wide array of units such as meters, feet, km, and miles. Add a visually appealing touch to your data analysis.

How map view makes a difference?

Map view makes address management uber-easy! Thanks to advanced features that allow businesses to save time and make optimum use of resources.

Geographical Visualization

By viewing data on a map, users can quickly understand spatial relationships and identify patterns or trends that may not be apparent in tabular data. This includes the locations of customers, suppliers, warehouses, distribution centers, or service centers.

Territory Management

The map feature can aid sales and marketing teams in territory management. Users can visualize sales territories, customer clusters, or market segments for better resource allocation and targeting new opportunities.

Location-Based Reporting

The map feature allows users to generate location-based reports and analytics within the ERP. Users can analyze sales performance, customer demographics, or service requests by geographic region. Besides, you get detailed strategic insights for decision-making.

Operational Mechanism

How it Works?

Let’s take a quick look how map view transforms your enterprise with exceptional features.

  • Route Optimization

    For businesses that deliver things or have workers who travel to different places, the map can help find the best routes. Users can mark all the places they need to go on the map and figure out the shortest way for trucks, technicians, or salespeople to get there. This saves time, money on gas, and makes the whole operation run smoother.

  • Asset Tracking

    In industries like making things or building stuff, the map can track where all the equipment, vehicles, or items are at any given time. This helps manage inventory better, make sure equipment is being used efficiently, and schedule maintenance when needed.

  • Integration with External Systems

    The map can link up with other systems or services, like GPS trackers or different map apps. This lets users do more with their maps, like adding more info or using different kinds of maps, all within their main system.

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