Unified HRM Solution

Enhance HR Efficiency with ERP HR Module

Optimize workflows, foster collaboration, and boost employee engagement with human resource module in erp.

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Define Designations

Optimize Roles, Elevate Workforce Efficiency

  • Comprehensive Employee Profiles: Seamlessly manage and store essential information such as reporting manager, KPIs, and appraisal data, providing a holistic view of each employee's professional journey.
  • Efficient Reporting Structures: Define clear reporting hierarchies, enhancing organizational communication and accountability. PiERP's Designation feature facilitates smooth workflow by establishing transparent lines of authority.
  • Well-defined Organizational Structure:Define your organizational structure in a hassle-free manner with PiERP CRM. It includes key parameters like KPIs, leave structure, appraisal, shifts, week-offs, and office timings. Tailor your CRM for precise HR management.
  • Unprecedented productivity with AI: Experience enhanced productivity with PiERP HRM's AI-based task reminders that ensure timely task completion and optimize workflow efficiency for organizational success on multiple levels.

Streamline workforce management with insightful & precise data

  • Comprehensive Employee Profiles: Effortlessly manage key employee details, including employee ID, department, joining date, and contact information. PiERP ensures a centralized hub for holistic employee information, promoting efficient HR processes.
  • Personalized Work Experience: Tailor the employee experience with details like preferred shift, nationality, date of birth, and appointment type. PiERP's employee management feature fosters a customized and inclusive workplace environment.
  • Personalized Work Experience: Simplify administrative tasks by capturing approving authority details. PiERP's employee management streamlines approval workflows, ensuring swift and accurate decision-making in various HR processes.
  • Personalized Work Experience: Leverage comprehensive employee insights for strategic decision-making. PiERP's employee management empowers HR professionals with data to drive organizational success and enhance overall workforce management.
Employee Monitoring

Visualize, monitor, allocate strategically with HR ERP

  • Intelligent Search Capabilities: Utilize advanced search functionalities with dropdowns for department, employee, and date range, providing swift access to specific monitoring data. PiERP's employee monitoring ensures efficient data retrieval.
  • Visual Productivity Insights: Access screenshots and recordings to comprehensively understand employee activities. PiERP's monitoring feature provides visual insights, enabling proactive measures for productivity optimization.
  • Effortless Performance Oversight: Foster optimum productivity by leveraging employee monitoring tools. PiERP ensures a proactive approach to performance oversight, promoting a focused and efficient work environment.
  • Compliance Tracking: Ensure adherence to company policies and regulatory requirements through the employee monitoring feature of PiERP HRM.
Employee Feedback

Strategic, Transparent, and 360-Degree Insights

  • Holistic Feedback Initiation: Easily initiate comprehensive feedback processes, capturing details like employee ID, department, type, due date, and feedback status within a centralized system.
  • Strategic Information Capture: Leverage PiERP's employee feedback feature to record personal attributes, fostering a nuanced understanding of individual strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Transparent Feedback Lifecycle: Facilitate a transparent feedback lifecycle with clear timelines and actions. PiERP ensures efficient management by capturing feedback dates, statuses, and actions taken for each employee.
  • 360-Degree Performance Insights: Gain a holistic view of employee performance with PiERP. The feedback feature encompasses multiple dimensions, providing a comprehensive understanding of individuals' contributions and potential growth areas.
Why Pick PiERP?

Benefits galore of PiERP’s HRM

Discover the PiERP HRM Advantage for Seamless cloud based HR Solutions

Effortless Integration:

Achieve operational harmony as PiERP HRM effortlessly integrates with your existing systems, ensuring smooth connectivity.

Next-level scalability:

Future-proof your HR processes as PiERP's scalable solutions adapt effortlessly to your evolving organizational needs.

AI-powered insights:

Leverage advanced analytics and AI-driven insights from PiERP HRM for informed decision-making and strategic workforce management.

Customizable dashboards:

Empower your team with PiERP HRM's customizable dashboards, providing real-time, tailor-made insights for desirable outcomes.

Compliance & Risk Management

Pierp’s HRM ensures compliance with legal regulations and eliminates risks associated with employment/workplace-related issues easily.

Employee Engagement

Pierp’s HRM promotes employee engagement through effective communication, various recognition programs, & positive work culture.

Exceptional Features

Major Features for Outstanding Results

Access diverse tools, advanced features to streamline HR processes with the HRM module in erp.

Get dream-worthy sales dashboards
Real-Time Analytics to Empower Business

A comprehensive feature that empowers your business ecosystem with real-time analytics and vital insights. Get all key insights in one place for a better business functioning that you would fall in love with.

Automatically Prioritize Top Tasks
Credential Verification to fortify integrity

Verification feature to authenticate employee credentials and fortify organizational integrity. It is a robust solution that enhances security measures, instilling confidence and further making your workforce compliant and resilient.

Visualize Your Pipeline
Maintain Discipline with Streamlined HR Processes

Streamline your internal HR processes with this feature that allows you to maintain the organization’s discipline. Create a comprehensive HR system that not only streamlines processes but also contributes to overall efficiency.

Automate Sales Processes
Smooth Finance Management & Transparency

Approval, and processing of employee expenses, ensuring financial accuracy and transparency. It is a critical aspect of organizational accountability and fiscal responsibility and this feature makes reimbursements a cakewalk.

Collaborate In Real-Time
Hassle-Free Exit Management Solutions

Smooth exit management process with thorough documentation, and positive employee offboarding in a hassle-free manner. From conducting exit interviews to collecting assets and completing necessary documentation, it takes care of it all.

Integrate With Sales Tools In A Snap
Comprehensive Employee Reports

Generate comprehensive reports with key employee information such as ID, shift, dept, reporting manager, and contact details. These reports enhance HR analytics by fostering strategic workforce planning & key development initiatives.

Boost productivity and drive growth with PiERP
Streamline your business operations with our powerful suite of solutions.
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