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Card View

Simplified data presentation. View information in concise, card-based layouts tailored to your workflow for easy comprehension and swift decision-making.


Intuitive Card View and Simplified Interface

PiERP's Card View offers a simplified, intuitive interface, enabling easy organization, prioritization, and management of tasks, projects, and information.


Key Benefits

  • Enhanced visibility: Achieve comprehensive project overview through PiERP's enhanced visibility feature. Besides, it offers stakeholders clear insights into task progress, milestones, & deadlines. This further drives informed decision-making and promotes transparency crucial for successful project management.
  • Visual appeal through cards: Wave goodbye to the days of file name fumbling. With PiERP’s card view dive into the world of visual mastery! This tool's got your back, whether you're wrangling content, and images, or just need a laugh-worthy peek at the data circus. It is time to bid adieu to the chaos and let the visuals do the talking!
  • Various card sizes: PiERP’s card view allows you to quickly toggle between card sizes and wield the power of various features such as fields for a sneak peek at your most vital data. Instantly enhance your workflow by prioritizing the most crucial information with ease and finesse.
  • Easy card grouping: In the wild world of cards, it's all about making them dance to your tune! And that’s exactly what PiERP’s care view does for you. Shuffle, sort, and group them however you please and organize the gallery- simply by dragging and dropping!

Key Benefits

  • Highlight key info: Illuminate your data shine bright with the spotlight feature! PiERP’s spotlight feature lets you set the stage for eye-catching colors to highlight flagged fields or cards, all with the simplicity of setting rules. A perfect blend of style and functionality- sounds amazing, right?
  • Gallery mode: Browse files, images, & videos in an interactive carousel right on the platform. Plus, work smarter by downloading and uploading extra files directly within the gallery. It's like card view but in gallery mode - a game-changer for your workflow!
  • Manage assets easily: Keeping your brand assets organized and hassle-free is no longer a herculean task. Gone are the days when you had no choice except to download your assets such as logos to display ads. Card view does the heavy lifting for you!
  • Intuitive Interface: Experience unparalleled user satisfaction and adoption rates with PiERP's intuitive interface. It is designed to simplify complex tasks, minimize learning curves, and enhance user engagement. Further, it ensures smooth onboarding and maximum productivity for users at all skill levels.

How Card View Makes a Difference?

PiERP's card view is a visually-rich and intuitive interface that enables businesses to organize, prioritize, & track tasks in a hassle-free fashion. It streamlines workflows and enhances productivity on multiple levels.

Visual Task Representation

Tasks are displayed as cards, providing a crystal-clear overview of each task with details such as status and priority.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Make the most of drag-and-drop to easily rearrange tasks. This enables flexible task prioritization and workflow management.

Customizable Views

Tailor the card view to suit individual preferences, with options to customize card colors, labels, and display settings for enhanced organization.

How it works

A Quick Glance at How the Card View Works

Streamline your task management process with PiERP’s card view feature.

  • Easy tracking & management

    Get a clear visual representation of tasks, allowing for easy tracking and management. Simplify your processes with ease.

  • Drag and Drop

    Easily rearrange cards into any order using the drag & drop functionality which also allows you to sort and group galleries.

  • Improved Planning

    Plan and schedule tasks more effectively by visualizing timelines. Identify potential bottlenecks and bid adieu to overlaps.

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