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Notification Center

Stay informed seamlessly. Centralize alerts and updates in one location for efficient tracking, ensuring timely responses and improved communication across your organization's operations.


Simplified Processes with Notification Center’s Prompt Responses

Notification Center consolidates alerts & updates, facilitating prompt responses & enhancing coordination within your organization.


Key Benefits

  • Stay on top of things- Always!: PiERP’s notification center notifies you about the tasks or communication relevant to you. From replies to conversations, @mentions, task assignments, permission tweaks, to new team members - never miss a beat. Stay connected and engaged with what matters most in your workspace. Stay informed, stay efficient!
  • Manage read and unread notifications: No more struggling with managing notifications. New notifications are marked as unread for your attention. Once read, choose to mark them read, keep them unread, or remove them from your list altogether. Take control of your productivity by managing your notifications like never before.
  • Get notified about new assignment: Stay in the loop with real-time notifications! PiERP ensures you're always up-to-date with your assigned tasks. Besides, you can integrate actions into your workflow, nurturing seamless communication and timely responses for an uninterrupted flow of operations.

Key Benefits

  • @mentioned- your personal notification center: @mentioned serves as your personal notification center which keeps all your mentions in one place. Receive instant notifications whenever you or your team are mentioned, ensuring you stay updated and connected. integrate mentions into checklists, or conversation threads with quick access to your team directory.
  • Slack notifications: Who doesn’t adore Slack? Seamlessly sync communication preferences. Receive updates directly in Slack alongside or instead of emails. How cool is that? Each Slack message conveniently links back to PiERP, enabling effortless access with just one click. Summing it up means uninterrupted workflow integration.
  • Mobile notifications: Stay on top of things with PiERP’s mobile notifications feature. It keeps you updated on your mobile device with notifications. Engage in conversations, update records, and manage tasks on the fly to maintain seamless workflow momentum even when you're on the move.

How Notification Center Makes a Difference

PiERP’s notification center is a revolutionary feature that integrates communication, task management, and collaboration. Stay informed, prioritize tasks, and maintain efficiency across teams.

Advanced connectivity

Advanced connectivity nurtures seamless interaction, enhancing team cohesion and productivity.

Optimized task coordination

With PiERP notification center you can expect smooth workflows, efficiency and accountability.

Synced communication preferences

Synced communication preferences streamline interactions, promoting clarity and unmatched flexibility within teams.

Operational Mechanism

How it works?

Notifications triggered by relevant actions, ensuring timely updates and communication.

  • Real-time Notifications with Bifurcation

    Receive instant alerts customized to your preferences and responsibilities. From important task assignments to team mentions, stay informed about all relevant events. You can also harness notification bifurcation- leave request, interview request, event update, meeting request, or anything else.

  • Automated Alerts with Layer-wise Rules

    Effortlessly stay updated on crucial developments with automated notifications triggered by relevant actions. Whether it's a new task assignment or a mention, PiERP ensures that relevant parties are timely notified. Thanks to notification rules with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd layer provision.

  • Dynamic Notification Triggers for Timely Updates

    Our notification center is intelligently designed to alert you to timely updates and changes. From permission tweaks to new team members joining, each notification is strategically triggered to keep you informed and engaged, promoting smoother workflows. Sounds like a deal, right!

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