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Users & Permission

Secure data access. Manage user roles and permissions efficiently, ensuring data security, personalized access, and control across various functionalities within your ERP system.


Manage user access with intuitive permissions for workflows

Maintain security, control, and compliance with PiERP’s users and permissions feature that nurtures collaboration at the highest level.


Key Benefits

  • Set access permissions: PiERP’s users and permissions feature allows enterprises to configure access rights, ensuring precise control over data integrity and confidentiality. Besides, by defining who can view or modify information, you can bolster security measures and comply with regulations, while preventing unauthorized access.
  • Grant access to teams: Cultivate collaboration by offering teams with tailored access to resources, enhancing communication and productivity. Granting team-based access streamlines project workflows, enabling members to efficiently collaborate on tasks while maintaining data integrity across your enterprise’s digital environment.
  • Advanced permissions: Leverage the power of granular control over user access that empowers administrators to customize permissions based on roles/specific tasks. Also, by implementing advanced permission settings, you optimize workflow management, enhance data security, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. This helps mitigate risks associated with unauthorized data access or modifications.

Key Benefits

  • Permissions by field level: Refine access permissions at a detailed level, governing user interactions with specific data fields. This precision control ensures data confidentiality & integrity by restricting user access to designated fields within datasets or documents, taking security measures to the next level.
  • Invite new members: PiERP facilitates streamlined invitation procedures, facilitating seamless integration of new members into your collaborative environment. You can easily invite multiple members in tandem and make thee most of various attributes such as assigning roles, defining member type, or adding them to one or multiple teams.
  • Simplified processes for many industries: PiERP is highly adaptable and simplifies processes for a wide array of industries, businesses, and departments. With customizable access management solutions tailored to your organization's needs, you you can streamline your operations. From healthcare, to finance and HR consulting among others, PiERP is for any and every industry.

How Users & Permissions Makes a Difference

Unlock the power of Users & Permissions to transform your workflow. From enhanced security, streamlined collaboration, and tailored workflow management, the list of perks is infinite.

Enhanced Security

Users & Permissions reinforce security by allowing granular control over access levels, ensuring sensitive data remains protected.

Streamlined Collaboration

With the ability to grant access to teams and manage permissions at various levels, the system nurtures seamless collaboration, boosting productivity.

Tailored Workflow Management

Users & Permissions offer advanced features such as permissions by field level, empowering organizations to tailor access rights to specific tasks and processes, optimizing efficiency.

Operational Mechanism

How it Works?

Dive into the methodology and perks of PiERP’s Users & Permissions feature that simplifies access management for every industry

  • User Creation & Management

    Begin by creating user accounts, tailoring roles, and managing permissions to suit your enterprise’s needs. This ensures meticulous access control and streamlined user administration, laying a rock-solid foundation for effective and secure workflow management and data integrity within the system.

  • Access Control Setup

    Establish comprehensive access hierarchies and permissions, covering team access provisioning, intricate permission configurations, and granular field-level restrictions. PiERP allows you to define access levels meticulously, and optimize data security while enhancing collaboration of the highest degree.

  • Invitation Process

    Simplify onboarding with an easy invitation process for new members, ensuring swift integration into collaborative environments. This encourages team cohesion, speeds up workforce expansion, and facilitates smooth transition and adaptation to the platform. All of this ultimately leads to a more productive and inclusive work culture.

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