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Data Import

Streamlined data migration that allows you to easily import and integrate data from various sources. Simplify the transition process for accurate, unified information management.


Seamlessly import records with hassle-free data import

Transfer your data to PiERP from spreadsheets, contacts, calendars, and various other sources with ease and efficiency in no time.


Key Benefits

  • Import from various sources: Imports project, process, calendar, and contact data from a whole array of sources using PiERP’s data import. Owing to PiERP’s intuitive interface it becomes easy to bring in your data. It is easier than you could ever imagine.
  • Create new records: Creating new records with PiERP’s data import is a breeze. Mapping fields from a spreadsheet to your desired PiERP solution is quite straightforward. Once done you can import and create new records in a jiffy. It is like a walk in the park.
  • Update existing data: Ever wondered if existing data can be updated without hassles? No more hand-cramping when it comes to updating existing data. Import data from a spreadsheet for bulk updates. With automation, the magic happens automatically- you just see it unleash!
  • Data validation for quality: Bid adieu to bad data that doesn’t serve any purpose at all. PiERP’s data import encapsulates a series of rigorous data validation checks. This real-time validation ensures that data formats match the field types without fail. What’s more? A visual display of issues allows you to quickly fix the issues.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced Manual Errors: Manual errors can cost you quite dearly, but not when PiERP’s data import tool is at your disposal. Minimize the risk of manual errors & inconsistencies by automating the data import process. Rest assured about data accuracy and reliability whilst reducing the need for manual data entry & validation tasks.
  • Data sync with Zapier: Who loves to play hide and seek with data scattered in a maze of folders or places? Noone! Keep it all synced with Zapier which demonstrates exceptional compatibility with more than 2000 connections. This allows you to sync your tools in a hassle-free manner.
  • Leverage PiERP’s API: Your data, your rules! And that’s for real- experience PiERP’s API to perform data transactions between PiERP and other systems with sheer ease. Not just import, you can transform it the way you wish!

How data import makes a difference?

PiERP's data Import feature streamlines the whole process by guiding users through intuitive steps, ensuring smooth data integration with minimal effort.

Seamless Integration Workflow

Guided steps facilitate smooth data integration, optimizing workflows for enhanced efficiency & productivity.

Import Progress Tracking

PiERP allows you to monitor import progress in real-time so that you can stay informed and in control of the data integration process.

Format Flexibility

Select from a variety of data formats, such as Excel, CSV, and PDF, for seamless integration customization.

Operational Mechanism

How it Works?

PiERP’s intuitive interface guides users through selecting format options and customizing mapping preferences, ensuring effortless data integration.

  • iCal and vCard Support

    Seamlessly import your calendar and contact information with PiERP, supporting standard formats like iCal and vCard. Streamline your data integration process effortlessly, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

  • Format Selection

    You can select the appropriate data format for your needs with PiERP's intuitive format selection feature. Streamline the import process for seamless and hassle-free data integration.

  • Rapid Data Importation

    Experience lightning-fast data importation with PiERP’s efficient import process. Save considerable time and effort whilst ensuring accurate and quick data integration.

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