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Enhance system capabilities and seamlessly connect with external tools and applications for increased functionality and improved workflow efficiency within your organization's operations.


Smooth processes with data centralization and integrations

Centralize your data and workflows by connecting your desired tools, empowering you to prioritize key tasks in a hassle-free way.


Key Benefits

  • Seamless data exchange: Integrate seamlessly with a whole array of products to effortlessly transfer vital information as and when needed. Whether you prefer native automation, Zapier connections, or a robust API, PiERP’s integrations simplify your workflow by centralizing data exchange.
  • Automated workflows: Bid adieu to repetitive tasks and reclaim your time with triggers. From adjusting dates, to sending notifications, and updating statuses, you can automate routine actions effortlessly. Specifically designed for businesses, automated workflows save you ample time and eradicate the need for IT assistance.
  • Smooth campaign management: What’s more? Leverage customer contact data from your existing CRM system to optimize campaign creation and prioritize sales efforts. You can also strategize promotional events. PiERP eliminates the need for manual data entry apart from ensuring efficient campaign execution.

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility with PiERP’s API: Discover seamless integration possibilities with Pierp API, enabling external applications to access and maneuver data within the PiERP platform. Besides, you can harness webhooks to effortlessly receive real-time events, enabling automated updates in existing systems or triggering additional processes if need be.
  • Cloud integration: PiERP acknowledges the significance of cloud-based ERP solutions. And that’s where PiERP’s cloud integration comes into the picture. It allows businesses to harness best-of-breed solutions as they can integrate with other cloud-based applications with ease. This facilitates flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
  • Data consistency across departments: Integration not only allows users to integrate with the other software, but also ensures that the data is synchronized ensuring consistency across marketing, sales, and customer service departments among others.

How it makes a difference?

PiERP’s integrations unlock a whole new world of possibilities as it make data management, transfer, and synchronization a cakewalk.

Legacy system integration

No more grappling with legacy system integration complexities due to different data formats. PiERP ensures smooth integration, and operational continuity, & maximizes the value of existing investments.

Testing and validation

With in-built checks, PiERP performs various integration tests and data validation checks to identify and eradicate any potential bottlenecks. This enables integrated applications and systems to function properly.

Security and compliance

With robust security measures such as audit trails, encryption, and access controls, you can rest assured about data integrity and protection against potential cyber threats.

Operational Mechanism

How it Works?

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  • API Connectivity

    PiERP’s API establishes connectivity between the ERP system and other external applications. By defining the rules and protocols for accessing and exchanging data, these APIs, allow different software including cloud applications to interact and exchange information smoothly.

  • Middleware integration

    Loaded with pre-built connectors and adapters, middleware plays a pivotal role in data transformation, routing, and synchronization whilst streamlining integration with common services and applications. This results in reduced complexities and development time.

  • Event triggers

    PiERP integration allows for business process automation across systems as event triggers and workflows can be defined. For example: an event trigger can initiate a workflow in the ERP system to update inventory levels, generate a purchase order, and send a confirmation email to the customer when a new order is placed.

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