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Real Time Updates

Stay current effortlessly. Receive instant updates and live data feeds for informed decision-making, ensuring agility and responsiveness within your organization's operations.


Stay on the pulse with PiERP’s real-time updates

Embrace the revolution of real-time updates. Witness instant updates without refreshing. Every detail, every second!


Key Benefits

  • Dynamic updates in real-time: When someone updates info, it stands out with a particular color. You can also see who made the changes and where they're working, helping you coordinate with your team in real-time. What’s more? You can collaborate the same way, with everyone seeing edits as they happen. This makes getting feedback quicker and things get done faster.
  • Info about who is following the record: PiERP’s real-time updates make collaborative working super-fun and easy. Each record tells you which team members are following it. Working together is uber-easy because your team can see updates in the stuff they care about. In other words, collaboration has never been easier!
  • A unified view of every update: Imagine having one place where you can see all the important updates. PiERP’s Notification Center does just that. Designed to keep teams connected and updated about the information in real-time, it allows users and teams to dive right in to keep things moving smoothly. No more searching through emails or waiting for messages on different apps. You'll know instantly when something you care about gets modified.

Key Benefits

  • Up-to-the-minute activity: Review every update as and when it occurs. PiERP’s Event History allows you to see every event by date, concerned person, and modifications. It takes productivity and collaboration to another level and serves as a perfect pal for users and supervisors looking to stay on the pulse of a particular project or task.
  • Increased transparency: PiERP's real-time updates ensure transparency by highlighting changes and displaying user activity. This builds trust within teams, enhancing collaboration and decision-making with clear insights into project progress and contributions.
  • Say goodbye to manual refreshing: PiERP's real-time updates eliminate the need for manual refreshing. Stay effortlessly updated and view changes as they happen. This ensures uninterrupted workflow and productivity.

How real-time updates make a difference?

Real-time updates transform teamwork by instantly displaying changes, boosting transparency, smoothing workflows, and speeding up key decisions. While it boosts productivity and teamwork, it also makes projects run more smoothly.

Quick problem solving

Real-time updates empower teams to address challenges promptly by promptly identifying emerging issues or opportunities.

Utilization of resources as per real-time needs

With instant visibility into changes, teams can dynamically allocate resources based on real-time needs, optimizing responsiveness.

Seamless stakeholder engagement

Real-time updates enable transparent communication with stakeholders by providing timely insights into project progress.

Operational mechanism

How it works?

Real-time updates are aimed at helping enterprises improve their teamwork and clarify changes in real time to speed up tasks.

  • Adaptive Strategy Implementation

    Real-time updates facilitate agile adjustments to project tactics based on immediate feedback and evolving circumstances. This allows teams to pivot swiftly and effectively in response to changing needs.

  • Continuous Learning Culture

    By offering instant visibility into changes, real-time updates encourage a culture of continuous learning & improvement within teams. This further enables them to reflect on past experiences and their approaches for future success.

  • Proactive Risk Management

    With real-time updates, teams can identify and address potential risks, rather than waiting for scheduled check-ins or reports. This proactive approach minimizes the magnitude of risks and enhances resilience.

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