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Calendar View

Effortlessly manage schedules and deadlines. Visualize events, tasks, and milestones conveniently in a calendar view, ensuring organized and efficient planning.


Stay ahead with PiERP’s calendar view

Effortlessly manage tasks, deadlines, and projects with intuitive controls, visual aids, and customizable features, maximizing efficiency and productivity.


Key Benefits

  • View by date & range: PiERP’s calendar view provides a robust visual aid for planners, project managers, and meticulous individuals alike. It enables seamless organization by Date, Due Date, and Date Range. Perfect for flawless planning, priority management, and timely execution, ensuring tasks are efficiently tracked and completed.
  • View by day/agenda: Switch effortlessly between a detailed daily view or an agenda-style list for the current week. This versatility allows for micro-level focus, perfect for managing immediate tasks, short-cycle processes such as customer support tickets, or tracking precise schedules like event agendas (and don't forget to invite us next time).
  • Planning by week/month/year: The calendar view offers interactivity, facilitating tracking across different time scales. From zooming out to a year-long overview to focusing on months or weeks, it's perfect for managing projects or long-cycle processes like marketing campaigns, hiring, strategic initiatives, or enterprise sales.
  • One-click detailed view: PiERP’s calendar view also boasts a one-click every detail review and adjustments. This efficient workflow ensures smooth transitions between viewing details, making modifications, and quickly returning to the calendar interface. Work the way you like it!

Key Benefits

  • Easy record access: PiERP allows you to view the record listing panel showcasing all available records. Utilize reporting toolbar controls like Sort, Group, & Spotlight to swiftly locate key information. Easily identify and manage the team’s full schedule, employing color coordination and comprehensive scheduling management directly within this intuitive view.
  • Real-time date change: PiERP's Calendar View offers intuitive date management through simple drag-and-drop actions. Whether directly onto the calendar or into the comprehensive Record Listing panel, updates occur automatically. This intuitive functionality facilitates seamless date management across records, enhancing efficiency in scheduling tasks.
  • Spotlight control: In PiERP’s calendar view, utilize the spotlight control in the report Toolbar to effortlessly color code items displayed on the calendar. This feature streamlines the process of locating specific items, akin to color by numbers, offering an intuitive experience for various users.
  • Useful for all projects: PiERP’s calendar view is a perfect ally for professionals- be it an executive or manager. Whether it is a simple project or a multi-stream project with tons of intricacies, PiERP’s calendar view is all you need to make sure you are always on top of things.

How calendar view makes a difference?

PiERP's calendar view, revolutionizes task management with enhanced efficiency, intuitive date control, and visual organization.

Enhanced Task Management

Simplify planning, prioritize tasks, and execute projects efficiently with ease.

Intuitive Date Control

Seamlessly manage dates, ensuring timely updates and accurate scheduling.

Visual organization

Organize tasks visually, streamline processes, and boost productivity effectively.

Operational mechanism

How it works?

  • Never miss your deadline

    PiERP's Calendar View ensures you never miss a deadline with its intuitive visual aids and customizable alerts, keeping your projects on track and your team aligned for success. Sit back and enjoy a cuppa as PiERP handles the deadline for you.

  • Drag & drop items

    Easily change or assign dates by dragging and dropping items within PiERP's Calendar View. This intuitive feature streamlines scheduling, allowing for seamless adjustments and improved task organization. Let your schedule remain on track, always!

  • Color code items

    PiERP's Calendar View allows you to color code items, facilitating easy identification and tasks organization. This enhances clarity, streamlines workflow, and boosts productivity for your team's operations.

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