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Grid View

Visualize data comprehensively, organize and view the information in a grid format for efficient analysis and informed decision-making, optimizing data representation within your ERP system.


Simplify information representation with grid view

Streamline data organization & enhance visibility with our user-friendly grid view. This improves information management and enhances visualization.


Key Benefits

  • Arrange and categorize items: Streamline the process of organizing and grouping items with sheer ease. PiERP simplifies your workflow by effortlessly sorting and categorizing items according to your preferences, enhancing visualization, and productivity. Besides, you can drag and drop attachments making the process a breeze.
  • Customizable layout & display options: Tweak the grid view to suit your preferences and specific requirements which further allows you to customize the layout, grouping, and columns. In a nutshell, you get a personalized and intuitive data-viewing experience tailored to your preferences.
  • Edit data directly in the grid: Now update records directly within the grid interface without having to deal with backend intricacies. It brings at your disposal spreadsheet-like functionality enhanced with interactive features- task lists, tag values, file attachments, and real-time collaboration, ensuring efficient teamwork & minimizing redundancy.
  • Easy information retrieval: Quickly locate & retrieve the data you need with our grid view feature. Powered with robust search and filtering capabilities, this feature enables users to pinpoint specific records or information within large datasets with utmost ease and precision.

Key Benefits

  • Improved data analysis: Perform in-depth data analysis and derive valuable insights with our grid view feature, which facilitates the visualization and exploration of data. It also drives strategic planning based on accurate information.
  • Single-click expand: PiERP’s single-click expand icon allows users to effortlessly access comprehensive record details. Besides, they can make quick adjustments, and seamlessly return to the grid view for uninterrupted workflow efficiency. It saves time and enhances productivity quite significantly.
  • Unique summary functions: Leverage the power of our unique summary functions that allow you to display various data types in column footers, such as instant numeric calculations and status values. Simplify your reporting tasks without having to generate formal reports.
  • More than 40 field types: Cherish the flexibility of adding new fields in grid view with our intuitive interface. Simply click the small + button to incorporate a wide range of field options into your custom setup in a jiffy. How amazing is that?

How Grid View Makes a Difference?

Experience grid view's transformative impact through streamlined organization, real-time updates, intuitive customization, & effortless information filtering reordering for optimized productivity.

Comprehensive Data Insights

PiERP brings comprehensive data insights at your disposal making data display and customization a cakewalk.

Flexibility & tailored workflows

With customized buildouts, you enjoy the flexibility of tailored workflows making your life easy.

Minimized complexities

Improve workflow efficiency and say goodbye to backend complexities with PiERP’s grid view feature.

Operational Mechanism

How it Works?

Effortlessly manage or edit data, customize views, and collaborate in real-time.

  • Enhanced project & process visualization

    Experience projects and processes in an intuitive grid format, surpassing traditional spreadsheets. Users benefit from robust features like sorting, filtering, grouping, and inline editing, providing a clearer and more dynamic overview of your workflow.

  • Versatile data manoeuvring

    Leverage powerful tools for manoeuvring data- from sorting to filtering and grouping. Effortlessly navigate through your information to explore insights and make informed decisions, enhancing your productivity and workflow efficiency.

  • Flexible customization options

    PiERP allows you to tailor your workspace to fit your specific needs with a whole host of flexible customization options. Build your grid view from basic setups to more complex configurations, ensuring that your workflow aligns perfectly with your business needs.

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