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Streamline Team Communication with ERP-Based Employee Communication Software

Enhance Team Connectivity and Collaboration with internal communication software.

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Dynamic and Secure Internal Chat Center

  • Real-time Communication: Facilitate quick and direct communication with other team members, enhancing collaboration and efficiency within your organization.
  • Secure & Private: Ensure the confidentiality of internal discussions with our secure chat center. It also provides a private space for sensitive team communications.
  • Multi-Device Accessibility: Make the most of the multi-device accessibility to stay connected on the go. It will also allow team members to engage in discussions seamlessly from various devices.
  • Notification Customization: Tailor your chat experience with customizable notifications, ensuring you stay informed about key updates without unnecessary distractions.
Group Chat

Collaborative Group Chat Feature for Unified Team Conversations

  • Effortless Group Communication: Group discussions become as effortless as they can- promoting teamwork within your organization through our group chat feature.
  • Topic-Focused Threads: Organize discussions with topic-focused threads, enabling teams to streamline conversations and maintain clarity in group communication within the chat center.
  • Access Control and Privacy: Manage access control & ensure privacy within group discussions, allowing teams to collaborate securely and confidentially within our group chat functionality.
  • Media Sharing and Collaboration: Enhance collaboration with media sharing capabilities. Besides, it will enable teams to share files, documents, and media seamlessly within the group chat environment.
Private Chat Groups

Boost Productivity with Task-Focused Communication

  • Task-Centric Discussions: Create dedicated spaces for specific tasks, facilitating focused and efficient discussions within private chat groups for efficient project management.
  • Selective Membership Control: Maintain control over group membership, ensuring that only relevant team members participate in private chat groups for increased efficiency and collaboration.
  • Confidentiality at its Core: Ensure confidentiality with private chat groups, providing a secure platform for sensitive discussions & project-related conversations within the chat center.
  • Enhanced Task Coordination: Streamline task coordination with private chat groups, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration among team members working on specific projects, tasks or topics.
Chat Details

View In-depth Information with Chat Details

  • Message History and Archives: Access detailed message histories and archives for comprehensive insights into past conversations and project-related discussions within the chat center.
  • Timestamps for Precision: Utilize timestamps on messages, ensuring precision in tracking communication timelines and facilitating efficient coordination among team members.
  • User Activity Monitoring: Monitor user activities within the chat center, gaining valuable insights into team engagement, collaboration patterns, and overall productivity for informed decision-making.
  • Searchable Conversations: Easily search and retrieve specific conversations, messages, or information within the chat center, optimizing efficiency in accessing and referencing critical details.
Why Choose Us?

Benefits Galore of Choosing PiERP

Choose Our Chat Center for Unmatched Internal Connectivity, Secure Collaboration, and Streamlined Communication

Cutting-Edge Technology:

Embrace the future with our advanced chat center technology, ensuring your team stays at the forefront of seamless and secure internal communication.

Customizable Collaboration:

Tailor your internal communication experience with customizable features, adapting our chat center to match the unique needs and workflows of your organization.

Security at its Core:

Trust in our commitment to data security, offering a chat center that prioritizes the confidentiality and integrity of your internal team communications.


Foster user adoption with an intuitive interface, making our chat center easy to navigate, ensuring quick and efficient team collaboration within your organization.

Scalable Solutions:

Grow your capabilities effortlessly with our scalable chat center solutions, designed to evolve with your organization's changing communication needs and expanding team.

Proactive Customer Support:

Experience top-notch customer support, dedicated to assisting you in optimizing your internal communication processes and promptly addressing any concerns or queries.

Vital Features

Quick Glimpse of Features

Here’s a sneak peek of the chat center features that make collaboration and communication hassle-free for you.

Creating Tailored Chat Groups is Super-Easy

Empower project-specific discussions and streamline communication effortlessly by creating dedicated chat groups that foster focused teamwork within our innovative chat center.

Enhance Collaboration by Adding Members

"Facilitate inclusivity and real-time engagement by effortlessly adding team members to your chat groups, ensuring seamless communication within your organization."

Refine Group Dynamics by Removing Members

Optimize your team interactions by managing group membership, ensuring that only relevant members participate for enhanced communication efficiency within our chat center.

Safeguard Sensitive Discussions by Closing Chats

Ensure privacy and confidentiality in your internal communications by closing chats, providing a secure environment for sensitive discussions within our chat center.

Enhance Collaboration with Rich Content

Enrich discussions and streamline information sharing by effortlessly adding attachments to your messages, fostering comprehensive collaboration within our innovative chat center.

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