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Past Summary

Condensed insights into past performance and trends. Analyze summarized data for quick project assessments, informed strategies, and actionable business decisions.


Comprehensive data visualization & analysis

A quick overview of past organizational activities such bills, reimbursements, leaves taken, bills, sales orders, and transactions.


Key Benefits

  • Granular Data Aggregation: Our system enables granular data aggregation and organizing at a detailed level for comprehensive analysis. PiERP’s past summary consolidates information from multiple sources into a unified platform. Users can gain deeper insights into past activities and make decisions based on robust data sets.
  • Real-Time Synchronization: With real-time synchronization, updates to past summaries are instantly reflected across the platform, ensuring users can always access the latest information. This seamless integration facilitates efficient collaboration and stakeholders can rely on up-to-date data for analysis and planning.
  • Customer Behavior: The past summary feature gives in-depth insights into customer’s purchasing patterns and preferences. Analyzing this vital data allows your enterprise to formulate more targeted strategies for improved customer relationship management to enhance customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits

  • Performance Evaluation: Comprehensive performance evaluation is key to your business success.Reviewing past summaries enables businesses to assess their performance across various areas including sales, production, inventory management, and finances. This assessment aids in pinpointing areas for enhancement and uncovering opportunities for optimization.
  • Strategic decision making: Past summaries offer vital insights for well-informed and strategic decision-making processes. Through the analysis of historical data, business leaders can discern strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This further helps in guiding strategic initiatives and planning.
  • Historical trends: Leveraging data-driven insights from past summaries, organizations can enhance their planning and forecasting processes. By analyzing historical trends and patterns, stakeholders can identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and confidently make strategic decisions.

How it makes a difference?

Past summary is an efficient operational mechanism, facilitating departmental insights in a secure environment. It is dynamic and boasts advanced algorithms for easy access.

Advanced Algorithmic Data Processing

Utilizes cutting-edge algorithms for rapid data processing, ensuring real-time insights and actionable analytics.

Risk Management

PiERP offers unparalleled efficiency in risk management, providing businesses with the tools & insights needed to effectively mitigate risks.

Enhanced decision-making

Experience enhanced decision-making owing to a plethora of tools offered by PiERP that complement your organizational needs.

Operational Mechanism

How it works?

Our platform provides departmental insights, empowers strategic decision-making, and fosters interdepartmental alignment.

  • Customer summary

    The customer summary feature of PiERP provides comprehensive details of past transactions, communication, follow-ups, submitted proposals, and invoices. This wealth of information allows analytical thinking, decision-making, and evaluation processes for enterprises.

  • Strategic Data Analysis

    Empower strategic decision-making through holistic data analysis, offering a panoramic view of past summary data. This comprehensive perspective fuels critical choices, propelling organizational triumph through data-driven strategies and initiatives, and ensuring agility and adaptability in a dynamic landscape.

  • Employee Insights

    This key feature offers a comprehensive overview of employee activities, including past leaves, reimbursements, performances, training, and feedback. This data helps the leaders with analytical thinking, decision-making, and evaluation processes within the organization.

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