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Tag Module

Categorize and streamline data. Efficiently label and organize information using tags, facilitating easy categorization and enhanced searchability for optimized data management.


Advanced tag module for effortless data organization

Streamline record categorization & retrieval, enhancing ERP's data management and analysis capabilities.


Key Benefits

  • Unmatched data management: Efficiently categorize data entries within your ERP system, ensuring streamlined workflows and easy retrieval. Tag records with unparalleled precision like never before, enabling seamless organization based on impact level, priority, status, and more.
  • Your custom tags: Users can classify data with custom tags, reflecting their unique data organizing needs. Create custom tags to label records according to specific criteria, enhancing data management and searchability within the ERP environment.
  • Assign multiple tags: Ensure comprehensive data association by assigning multiple tags to each record, if need be. With the flexibility to apply various tags, users can enrich data context and facilitate nuanced analysis, driving informed decision-making processes.
  • Simple filtering: Simplify data retrieval with intuitive filtering options based on assigned tags. Streamline information access by quickly narrowing down search results, and optimizing efficiency and productivity within your ERP system's interface.

Key Benefits

  • Data visibility: Enhance data visibility and recognition with prominently displayed tags on records. Clearly labeled entries facilitate effortless identification. This enables users to locate relevant information and navigate through the ERP interface with sheer ease.
  • Improved analysis: With tag module, you can unlock deeper insights and analysis capabilities. Through enhanced data organization and integrating tags into your ERP system, users can facilitate advanced data exploration. This further empowers users to derive meaningful conclusions for effective strategic initiatives.
  • Quick find: Expedite access to critical information with rapid search functionalities based on tagged records. Users instantly locate tagged entries, ensuring swift retrieval and seamless navigation across the ERP platform.
  • Secure Control: Safeguard sensitive data with robust security measures governing tag management. Ensure that only authorized users can access specific bookmarks and tags, preserving data integrity and confidentiality within your ERP ecosystem.

How tag module makes a difference?

Maximize efficiency & accessibility through advanced tag module features- customize attributes, assign multiple tags, and display bookmarked items.

Choose Attributes

Customize data organization by selecting from a range of attributes such as impact level, priority, and status.

Many Tags

Add context and improve analytical capability through multiple tags to each record, enabling easy categorization and retrieval.

Display Items

Enhance user experience by prominently displaying bookmarked items on dashboards, ensuring quick access to priority information.

Operational mechanism

How it works?

Dive into the seamless integration of tagging features to revolutionize your ERP system's data organization.

  • Tag-Based Categorization

    Harness the power of tag-based categorization within your ERP system to efficiently classify records using attributes like Impact Level or Priority. This optimization enhances data organization, facilitating streamlined workflows and ensuring seamless data management processes for increased productivity and efficiency.

  • Dynamic Tag Creation

    Select from a range of pre-defined or custom tags through dropdown menus. This flexibility empowers users to tailor data classification as per specific criteria, ensuring efficient organization and enabling precise data management aligned with business needs and objectives.

  • Multi-Tag Assignment

    Empower comprehensive data categorization by assigning multiple tags to each record within your ERP system. This granular approach facilitates sophisticated filtering and search functionalities, resulting in enhanced data retrieval efficiency. Sounds cool, right?

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